Wednesday, March 26, 2008

The Cheers Bar In Piccadilly Circus

Before I had stumbled past this place, I had no idea that the tv show (or license holders) sold rights in the name. According to wikipedia
Cheers was perhaps the first major non-science fiction TV series to have an important licensing campaign since I Love Lucy. The show lent itself naturally to the development of "Cheers" bar-related merchandise, culminating in the development of a chain of "Cheers" themed pubs. Paramount's licensing group, led by Tom McGrath, developed the "Cheers" pub concept initially in partnership with Host Marriott which placed "Cheers" themed pubs in 24+ airports around the world. A full-scale Cheers reproduction was built in Piccadilly Circus in London and Boston boasts of the original Cheers bar
The official web site says that
Cheers, London was inspired by the popular U.S. comedy series, and incorporates bar, restaurant and merchandise store. It is the only officially licensed Cheers bar and restaurant in Europe.


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